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GRANITE – Excellent choice for kitchen countertops, floors, and other heavily used surfaces

The stone business has seen the evolution of granite from being a commercial building material to a component which has won the hearts and minds of consumers around the world. Today's new sources of suppllies, combined with new technology, have made granite highly competitive.

The technology which enables stone quarries to extract granite from the ground is faster and less expensive than ever. With computer-driven equipment, fabrication is quicker and more precise.

At Universal Stones, we are able to import a wide array of stones directly from Brazil, China, India, etc. The colors listed below contain different levels of stone from different countries. Whether your choice is one of the basics or an exotic, you can be assured one thing: No one else in the world will have the same exact coloration and pattern, which is one of the major allures of granite.

Along with beauty, granite is also durable, easy to maintain, and safe for handling all types of food products. Because of its exceptional strength, granite is well suited for exterior applications such as cladding, paving, and curbing.

Blanco Taupe Desert Gold Gardena White Baltic Brown
Black Forest Black Galaxy Black Pearl Giblee
Blue Eyes Blue Luise Blue Pearl River White
Copper Canyon Moon White Crazy Horse Crema Bordeaux
Ice White Crema Royal Latitude Madura Gold
Emerald Green Emerald Pearl Giallo Fiorito Giallo Napoleone
Giallo Ornamental Minsk Green New Venetian Gold Shivakashi
Golden Fantasy Golden Leaf Golden Persa Splendor
Imperial Coffee White Galaxy Brazil Juparana Bordeaux Juparana Columbo
Juparana Gold Kashmir White Kashmir Gold Lady Dream
Lapidus Luna Pearl Madura Gold Mascarello
Neptune Gold New Venetian Gold Rosa Beta Rose Wood
Rosso Fiorentino Santa Cecilia Gold Sapphire Blue Savannah Gold
SK Gold Solarius Steel Gray Sucuri Brown
Surf Green Tan Brown Tiger Skin Yellow Tropical Brown
Twister Green Typhoon Bordeaux Uba Tuba Verde Butterfly
Verde Fantastico Verde San Francisco Victoria Regia Volga Blue
Vyara Gold Waterfall Green Yellow River Classic Super White
Netuno Bordeaux River Martini Tiger Yellow Exotic Butterfly Gold